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We advise and implement (policy) framework and projects for governments, companies and NGOs in the field of sustainability and circular economy.


We are guests on the earth. We realize that we are astronauts on spaceship Earth. With our current way of life, our current economic system, we seem to make life on earth impossible for ourselves. That is why we will have to balance our system with natural resources and transform our current take, make, waste economy into an inclusive and circular economy based on natural principles. In this way we do justice to all life on this planet. This challenge offers many opportunities, which Circular Affairs helps to identify and realize.

For whom?


formulate objectives
prepare implementation programs
fill in own responsibility
improve resource efficiency
organize chain cooperation
strengthen business activity
create local employment


how to do business circularly
developing circular products
what opportunities does that offer
how do we realize that
what does the customer want


what does circular economy mean to us
what can we do ourselves
what can we achieve in our network
how it helps our target groups


Informing and Involving

inspiration sessions
identify opportunities
develop an action perspective
impact assessments

Advising and Organizing

visions and implementation programs
material analyzes
subsidy application
fill in knowledge needs
define projects

Realizing and Evaluating

set up recycling systems
building networks / chains
innovation activity
realize projects
resource mediation


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